Benefits of Solar Energy

Benefits Of Solar Panels For The Home

  • 1. Drastic Reduction in Electricity Bills

    By going green with solar energy, homeowner has the chance to reduce dependency on expensive traditional methods of generating electricity. experts are of the opinion that even if initially the overall costs of solar installations are high, over a 20 year period, one can end up saving as many as $20,000! Apart from monetary savings accrued this way, it could be vital for you to know that currently federal as well as many state governments are offering special rebates and incentives to homeowners who decide to get solar panels installed on their houses’ roof tops. By qualifying for these financial concessions, the solar installation costs can be brought down considerably.

    In addition, some states have even made it mandatory for homeowners to go for net metering facility which means that you only have to pay charges for electricity that you use. Surplus energy can be directed to local utility grid and extra dollars can be earned. Alternatively, they can even use stored solar energy or electricity when needed at anytime during the day. But to determine the right type and size of solar panels system for your house as well as for preparing necessary paperwork for claiming rebates and incentives provided by federal and state governments, it could be better if you get assisted by a competent local solar consultant who is thoroughly well versed with the exact process requirements.

  • 2. Increase in Market Value of Houses

    Homeowners, who get customized solar panels systems installed in their homes, can be rest assured that the prices of their houses will increase as time passes. Solar installations are very much home renovations because home buyers see that as an added advantage. This can be a great investment as it guarantees savings on electricity bills. A study in 1999 indicated that for every $1 reduction in utility bills, there is there is $20 rise in home value. This implies that annually homeowner can save up to $1,680 for a house whose market worth is $33,600.

    The fact has been substantiated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s research that homes with solar panels sell for a much higher price than those without them. And states may also provide rebates on property taxes to homeowners who opt for cheap solar energy for running household appliances. Thus, consumers can benefit a great deal with their decision to go solar. A free consultation with a competent solar specialist can enable you to get information on solar panels installations and their effect of housing prices in future.

  • 3. Better Control over Financial Future

    With solar energy it is possible to save hundreds of precious dollars annually and thus, contributes to making your financial future safe and secure by enabling you to get rid of dependency on expensive traditional electricity. It is needless to say that electricity rates have been increasing year over year and usage of solar energy can be helpful in reducing monthly utility bills considerably. To achieve you can use solar electricity for heating water at home as well as serve to conserve nation’s natural resources and protect environment. This in turn will ensure good health of local community and use of money saved for various other purposes. Only a qualified and experienced solar professional may be able to tell you more on the subject. To fix a free initial consultation with an expert, all you need to do is just fill and submit a quick online solar evaluation request form.

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