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Locate the Best Solar Panel Companies in Arizona

Find top rated solar companies in Arizona online through a simple, easy and hassle-free process. Take advantage of services offered by a quality network of professional solar installers in Arizona to get a highly customized solar energy system installed at your home. Act to reduce your electricity bills and save money now!

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Going Green with the Best Solar Company in Arizona Online

Cost-efficient solar power companies in Arizona have enabled hundreds of homeowners in going green with solar energy. Consequently, the amount of clean and renewable solar electricity being generated in Arizona is much higher than that produced in any other state.

SolarEnergyXpert can help you to get started with your task by helping you to find the cheapest solar panel companies in Arizona online so as to make sure that your transition to a cleaner energy alternative is smooth and you get a solar system at an easily affordable price with rebates and incentives offered by the state government of Arizona.


Efficiency First

For saving money replace existing incandescent lighting with LED bulbs.

Choose a Contractor

Secure free evaluation from a qualified and experienced solar installer.

Solar Installation

Ensure that solar installer has valid license for undertaking installation work.

Net Energy Metering

By getting a net energy meter installed, you can measure and send surplus power to local utility grid and earn extra money.
Act to Save Money with the Best Solar Companies in Arizona
Work with some top solar companies in Arizona online to get protection against continuously rising electricity bills. Act to take advantage of rebates and incentives offered by the state as well federal governments. Get a highly customized solar energy system installed at your home to start saving lot of money.

Projects by Arizona Solar Energy Companies – A Brief Overview

  • The Agua Caliente project in Yuma County, developed by First Solar, became operational in the year 2013. This PV project can generate up to 250 MW of solar electricity. This is enough to power about 35,500 homes in Arizona State.
  • By working with reliable solar power companies Arizona, many large retailers like Walmart, Intel, REI and IKEA have benefitted. One of the largest corporate solar installations have been completed at Goodyear by Macy’s which has the overall capacity to generate 3.5 MW of solar electricity.
  • The Arlington Valley Solar Project-II ranks among the biggest solar projects in Arizona State and has generation capacity of 125 MW. Developer LS Power completed this project in 2015 and it can power around 17,700 homes in state of Arizona.

Determine the Overall Solar Panels Installation Cost in Arizona

Over the last 5 years, the overall costs of solar panels installations have come down significantly and so installing a solar power system at your house could be one of the best investments you can make to bolster home’s value. Our experts can give you detailed information on solar panels pricing.

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