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Work With Top Rated Pennsylvania Solar Installers to Reap Array of Benefits

Fed up with continuously rising electricity bills? Well, we can help. Take advantage of our specialist services to look for cheaper alternative in the form of solar power in PA. Act to save precious time as well as money during your effort and get rid of costly utility charges over the long run.

SolarEnergyXpert can assist you to find top rated Pennsylvania solar companies to help you in getting kick started with the process of going green with clean, inexhaustible and renewable solar power. To fix a consultation with a competent local solar professional for receiving your free solar evaluation, apply online now!

5 Vital Facts on The Solar Power PA Industry Explained in A Nut-Shell Online

  • Currently, there are over 490 solar companies in PA which are at work. These firms employ more than 2500 people.
  • In the year 2015, plants with capacity for generating 13 MW of solar electricity were installed in the state of Pennsylvania, ranked 24th nationally.
  • At present, 258 MW of solar energy Pennsylvania is being generated for powering around 30,000 houses and as far as solar capacity is concerned, the state ranks 15th in the entire country.
  • The total investment for solar panels installation in Pennsylvania was about $32 million in 2015 which is a 21% increase over the last year and this is slated to go up further this year too.
  • Prices for installation of solar power in Pennsylvania have dropped year over year and this makes solar energy an attractive proposition.
About Incentives Offered to Homeowners For Solar Energy in Pennsylvania
Homeowners, who are thinking of getting residential solar panels Pennsylvania installed at their homes, can save money by qualifying for incentives offered under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Rebate Program, Federal Investment Tax Credit scheme as well as the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) Program. This will enable them to bring down the overall solar panels installation costs by up to 40%.

Federal Investment Tax Credit For Installation of Solar Panels in Pennsylvania

By buying a Pennsylvania solar energy system, you can get benefitted with a federal tax credit that is worth about 30% of the system’s total cost which includes solar panels installation charges as well as improvements required for making house roof conducive for supporting photovoltaic cells. But it is always better to consult a qualified and experienced tax consultant when it comes to federal tax credit incentive matters since; he could be able to tell you more on the subject.

Besides, there may be variety of other incentives which might be specifically provided to Pennsylvania residents, you need to know them. However, these incentives are likely to change with easy availability of solar installation programs as well as funding. You can get valuable information pertaining to solar rebates or incentives being offered in your city or county by talking to one of our competent local solar experts. Get answers for all your questions by fixing up an appointment online today!

Our Easy 4 Step Solar Power Pennsylvania Process And How It Actually Works

Once you request a free solar evaluation, solar contractors PA will contact you to fix an appointment for onsite visit and assessment of your home’s solar energy needs. Here is some important information relating to the steps which will be followed to take you to complete energy independence and save money.

  • Certified solar professional will visit house and determine the type as well as size of solar panels in PA which will work best for your home.
  • Expert will also offer you details of cost-benefit analysis so that you are aware of the savings that you can accrue as compared to what you could be spending currently on your monthly electricity bills.
  • Solar specialist will enable you to understand as to how exactly a customized solar energy PA system works and review products as well as guarantees. Additionally, expert will also answer all questions that you may have with regards to the solar panels system to be installed.
  • Finally, solar panel installers in PA will give you valuable information regarding local and state solar rebates as well as incentives in the form of federal tax credits over and above the extra savings on various systems which are available in your area.

To get started with your task of going solar for reducing electricity bills, just fill out a easy, quick and simple application form online now!

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