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Some Facts Relating to the Solar Power Maryland Industry

  • Currently, over 182 solar energy companies Maryland are working on various solar projects and could be employing around 4,300 persons.
  • With a total solar electricity generation capacity of 144MW, Maryland ranks 11th in the country among all states in 2015.
  • As far as solar installation capacity is concerned, Maryland ranks 13 in the on the country with 349 MW solar electricity that powers around 38,000 houses.
  • During the year 2015, total investment on solar installations in Maryland was $410 million. That is an 86% rise over last year and is expected to go up this year.
  • The prices of solar systems Maryland installations have dropped by 6% over the previous year and since, the year 2010; the drop has been 48%.
Rebates & Incentives for Installing Solar Panels in Maryland
The state government offers rebates to homeowners who opt for solar energy in Maryland through a variety of programs. Even the federal government provides incentives in the form of tax credits to people who get solar panels for home Maryland system installed at their homes or business offices. By qualifying for these concessions, it could be possible to lower solar installation Maryland costs significantly. Besides, a number of financing options to homeowners are available for installing solar panels on house roof tops. A competent solar consultant could be able to tell you more!

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  • 24/7 support assistance for monitoring system’s performance and handling maintenance issues.
  • Benefit with knowledge and experience of professionally qualified solar experts.
  • Get a highly customized solar panels system for your home that guarantees good results.
  • Secure guarantee as well as warranties for various parts of the residential solar panels Maryland.

Know How Solar Energy Maryland Systems Actually Work

Solar electricity is generated by using sunlight. In a typical process for generation of electricity with solar power, sunlight is converted into solar energy by directing sunlight on Photovoltaic (PV) cells or solar panels. PV modules are installed on property rooftops or on ground depending on availability of space and accessibility to sun’s light. PV cells are comprised of materials like roofing shingles and silicon. Some solar panel Maryland makers even make use of advanced technology by providing thin coating of some active material deposits in between two glass sheets.

PV modules receive energy form sun and convert it into DC or direct current. An inverter provided in the system converts the DC current into Alternating or AC current. Surplus power can be sent to local utility grid by inverters without any significant energy loss. For measuring total amount of solar energy produced, you can get a net meter installed at your residential property. Maryland has net metering laws in place for governing direction of surplus solar electricity to local utility grids. Solar energy systems for generating electricity can be utilized for providing:

  • Back-up power through emergency generators or battery
  • Ventilation – DC current can turn motors into power fans
  • Illumination purpose - The solar power in Maryland which is stored can be used for powering indoor as well as outdoor lightings for entire day and night.
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