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Take advantage of expert help for finding top rated residential solar power Florida companies online. Secure complete solar energy solution for your home and reduce electricity bills drastically to save lot of money over the long run. We enable homeowners to get highly customized residential solar panels Florida installed at their houses. Act to get rid of costly utility bills fast! Consult a specialist today to determine what is right for your circumstances. To get your free solar evaluation, apply online now!

SolarEnergyXpert is a premier solar panel installation Florida that specializes in helping people to locate solar installers that enjoy great market reputation. We provide solar energy solutions for residential as well as commercial properties across the state of Florida. Florida solar companies that are our business partners employ qualified and certified solar professionals who have hands-on experience of working in the industry.

Rebates and Tax Credits Made Available For Solar Powered Homes in Florida

By working with some good solar panel companies in Florida, you might not only be able to save money on your monthly utility bills but you may also qualify for solar rebates offered by various utility companies, local governing body and state government and reduce installation costs. Besides, even the federal government offers incentives in the form of tax credits.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Florida? Find Out By Consulting an Expert
Over the last 5 years, the overall installation cost of solar panels in Florida have come down significantly and so installing a solar power system at your house could be one of the best investments you can make to bolster home’s value. Our experts can give you detailed information on solar panels pricing. Fix an appointment with an expert today!

Some Vital Facts on the Commercial and Home Solar Power Florida Industry

  • Currently, there are over 425 solar companies in Florida which employ more than 6600 people for solar panels installation jobs.
  • In the year 2015, projects with solar electricity generating capacity totalling 41 MW were installed and commissioned in Florida State.
  • Florida ranks 14th in the country with a solar energy generation capacity of 275 MW enough to power 32,000 houses.
  • During the year 2015, total investment in solar panels installations in Florida homes and business properties was around $105 million.
  • Prices of solar power systems in Florida have fallen year over year and from 2010, there has been 48% drop.
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