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Get rid of costly electricity bills by getting a highly customized solar system Lebanon PA installed at your home. Work with top rated solar panels installers in your local area to start saving money right from day1. Secure expert assistance online for preparing the essential paperwork required for claiming solar rebates and incentives provided by both federal and state governments.

Why Investment on Solar Panels in Lebanon is Safe?

  • Solar technology is not new - The history of solar technology dates back to 1876 and so it is not new as many people think. Solar energy only assumed significance during the past 10 to 15 years and in the time to come, it will assume a critical role in changing people’ s lives in the long run.
  • Solar can reduce power bills - Although there may be homeowners who might want to go solar for environmental reasons, majority of the residential and commercial property owners intend to work with good solar power Lebanon companies to reduce expenses on costly utility bills. With solar energy, you can save hundreds of dollars annually, that’s for sure.
  • Solar companies offer warranties - Most of the solar panels Lebanon makers provide 25 years warranty for the systems that they install. Therefore, homeowners can enjoy piece of mind if they get customized solar power systems installed at their homes. If things go wrong with the system’s components or functioning, they may be covered under warranty.
  • Payback periods are getting shorter - Unlike in the past, break-even times or payback periods are much shorter. In some cases, it has been observed that they can be as short as 3.5 years meaning thereby that more amount of free energy will be available for homeowners who decide to go green with solar panels installations.
  • Sunlight is available in abundance - In Pennsylvania, there is bright sunshine for major portion of the year and that is enough to power hundreds of households in Lebanon County. Besides, as solar power is produced by directing sunlight on PV cells, there is less pollution. This is because the energy source is clean, inexhaustible and renewable.
  • Our firms give production guarantees - Solar power systems designed and developed by various companies that work with us come standard with a 2 year production guarantee. Hence, if your solar energy system fails to deliver what has been promised, there is little need to worry. Our solar energy Lebanon installers will compensate for the losses incurred.

Know How Exactly Lebanon Solar Energy Works

There could be different ways to generate solar energy in Lebanon PA and to that effect, the manner in which solar energy works could depend on the method being used. Mostly, solar technologies can be broadly classified into two major categories depending on how solar energy is being produced, converted as well as distributed. Here is some vital information relating to the same which you might find to be useful.

  • Active solar energy applications – This type of solar energy application is primarily aimed at enhancing energy supply. That’s the reason why it is referred to as supply side technology. Some glaring examples of active solar energy applications are solar panels or solar thermal collectors.
  • Passive solar energy applications – This type of solar energy application is primarily meant for reducing any need for alternative energy resources as well as consumption. Some of the most commonly known examples of passive solar energy applications could be solar lighting and solar architecture.

Sunlight converted into electricity means solar power and this is made possible by using Photo Voltaic cells or PV systems. Nevertheless, if you make use of active solar energy applications, the energy generated must either be used or properly stored. Surplus energy can be directed to grid of local utility company to earn some additional amount of money every year.

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