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Get Expert Help to Find a Good Harrisburg Solar Panels Installation Company

Take advantage of cost-efficient Harrisburg solar panels installation services online to go green and reduce burden of rising electricity bills. Enjoy an array of benefits by going solar and save hundreds of dollars annually by getting a highly customized solar energy system installed at your home. To fix an appointment with solar expert and secure free evaluation, apply online now!

About Working with a Harrisburg Solar Power Company – Things to Consider

When looking for good Harrisburg PA solar power companies, you need to be aware that you are basically dealing with a technology with which you are not so familiar meaning thereby that if there is some fault in the system, you cannot repair it by yourself. Typically, there can be breakdown in system functioning as solar panels, inverters or electrical lines can get damaged for variety of reasons or even some of system’s parts can be faulty. Property owners seldom take these factors into consideration at the time of choosing solar systems for their homes.

List of Questions to Ask Before Calling a Solar Energy Harrisburg PA Installer

By getting answers for the following questions, it could be possible to obtain valuable information on solar panels installations during free conversation with representative of a top rated solar installer.

  • What type of roof does my home have?
    If you are residing in row house or your business property has flat rubber roof? Alternatively, your residential or commercial property may have either old state roof or asphalt shingles.
  • How old is the roof at your home?
    If your house roof is more than 10 years older than you can consider replacing the roof or wait for an opportune time to replace it prior to installing solar energy system.
  • How much amount of electricity does my household need?
    Go through past records of utility bills for last few years for determining overall electricity usage at your home. You might find the details useful for knowing the size of the solar power system needed.
  • Should I get ground or roof mounted system installed?
    If you own a property which is smaller in size then your only option is to get a roof mounted system installed on your home’s roof top. However, if there is enough space around your house then you can opt for a ground mounted top quality solar energy generation system.
  • Does my house’s roof top have south facing orientation?
    For optimum solar power system performance, roof’s south facing orientation is considered the best. Nevertheless, if that is not the case then installers can suggest addition of some extra panels so as to enhance the solar energy system’s overall performance.
  • Is my home’s roof top or house yard completely shaded?
    If there are lot of trees around your home then it is likely that your home’s roof top or house yard is totally shaded. If so is the case then surrounding might not be right for solar installation as it can affect benefits. Solar installer may suggest trimming of trees after carrying out detailed assessment.
Find Out For How Long Solar Harrisburg Pa Installer Will Maintain Solar Panels
Before you get a system installed from a top rated solar company Harrisburg, it could be vital for you to know that majority of the solar panels installers do not maintain the systems that they provide but instead offer performance warranty for a period of 25 years. This implies that the solar company is not responsible or liable to replace parts unless specified in agreement. Hence, while finalizing a contract, you need to ensure that the firm that you are working with offers some specific level of maintenance services for at least certain fixed period of time post solar installation.
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