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Know How Exactly a Customized Residential Solar Panels in Harford May Work

  • Solar panels or Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into direct electricity or DC current through an inverter provided in the system.
  • Inverter converts DC current into Alternating or AC current which is then used for powering your home.
  • Solar power system is connected to a net meter which measures amount of electricity produced and is also instrumental in notifying problems.
  • To power lights and household appliances, house is equipped with electric service panels that aid flow of electricity from solar panels to home.
  • Homeowners has to sign power purchase agreement with solar panel company Harford for buying output per KWh.
  • Surplus power can be directed to local utility grid and credit can be earned from utility company.

About The History of Solar Energy Generation over the Past Few Decades


  • Bell Labs generates solar PV systems for U.S. Government.
  • Western Electric provides solar cells on license by charging $1,800/watt.


  • Solar energy generation efficiency increases from 2% to 13%.
  • Solar installation costs decrease from $1,000/watt to $100 per watt.


  • OPEC Oil Crisis takes place during Carter administration.
  • Focus on domestic solar energy production - PV system on White House.
  • Formation of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


  • Drastic fall in oil prices the world over – President Reagan gets PV system off White House.


  • Demand for PV systems rises in Japan, Israel and Germany—Signing of Kyoto Protocol.
  • U.S. goes proactive and opts for utility deregulation as well as sets up Clean Energy Fund.


  • Germany, Japan, Spain and U.S. top the list of renewable solar electric energy producers.
  • Government makes it mandatory for utility companies to comply with the 20% renewable energy condition.
  • Federal and state governments offer solar rebates and incentives to encourage property owners for going green with solar energy.
Get Benefitted With Quality Services for Solar Panel Installation in Harford
  • Sunlight which is used for generating solar electricity is available for free unlike fossil fuels that are used for generation of traditional electricity.
  • Solar power in Harford is clean as it derives its basis from sunlight, which is renewable energy source, and so it contributes to drastic reduction in environmental pollution.
  • Thousands of dollars can be saved with solar energy Harford and over a 20 year period it could be possible to save at least $20,000.
  • Solar panels Harford can be great investment as it increases property value.
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