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Switch to A Good Solar Panel Company In New York and Save Money

It’s possibly the right time to work with a top rated solar company in New York as such a prerogative could enable you to reduce expensive electricity bills and save money over the long run. Solar power is clean, inexhaustible and renewable energy source as it derives its basis from the sunlight which is available for free throughout the year. And by going green with solar in New York, you can qualify for federal tax rebates as well as incentives provided by New York State.

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Reap Benefits by Working with Top Solar Energy Companies In New York

By working with a totally reliable and reputed solar panel company New York, you can secure the below mentioned advantages.

  • Save money on electricity bills
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Contribute to conservation of natural resources
  • Protect the environment around your house
  • No costly maintenance is required for solar panels
  • Get tax benefits and rebates from federal & state governments
  • Solar panels installation could be excellent return on investment
  • Secure performance warranty on solar panels system for 25 years

Know The Exact Process of Solar Panel Installation In New York, CT Online

  • Consultation – Our expert will ask you few questions to know how much money you are currently spending on your electricity bills. For this purpose, keep copy of your latest utility bills ready and give details of the type of house roof.
  • Get Proposal – After getting necessary information, solar expert will visit your house to assess your exact energy needs and suggest the right type of solar panels system. You can discuss and review your options at this stage and get a customized solution.
  • Roof Assessment – Specialist will then assess the roof at your home and take measurements for so as to device customizations plan for installing solar panels system on your home’s rooftop. Such type of an approach enables securing maximum benefits with solar installations.
  • System Design – Once the necessary spadework is over, experts will design a solar panels system in accordance with your house’ specific energy requirements. The actual installation work will begin only after deal is finalized and the system design is approved by you.
  • Getting Permits – For installation of solar panels system, there are some permits which need to be secured from local authorities. Our experts will prepare the necessary paperwork that is required to be furnished for obtaining permits and licenses from the concerned authorities.
  • Installation Work – On receiving essential permissions and with documentation readied, the actual solar installation work will begin. The entire process for installing solar energy panels could take from 1 to 3 days. Team of professionals will co-ordinate for starting actual installation work.
  • Solar Inspection – Although our solar installers make sure that the solar panel systems, which they install, are compliant with energy standards as well as is connected to local grid, inspections are carried out as required by state laws to monitor their performance.
  • System Activation – Local permission is needed for activating the solar energy system and on receipt of written permit, we will email you the same. Thereafter, our experts will activate the system installed in your house and even give you instructions for operations.
  • Solar Satisfaction – We will monitor as well as maintain the solar panels system installed in your home. Besides, the system will come standard all applicable warranties at absolutely no extra costs to you. Thus, you could be rest assured of total satisfaction.
  • Solar Referrals – You can share your experience of working with our solar panels installers with your friends, relatives, neighbours or even acquaintances. Others too can get benefitted with our solar services and save money by reducing their dependency on costly traditional electricity bills.
Get Your Work Done from The Best New York Solar Panel Companies Online
Solar panels receive sunlight and convert into DC current.
DC current passes through inverter provided in system and gets converted into AC current that is used for running home appliances.
AC current then moves from inverter to electrical breaker box which is an integral part of the solar panels system.
The net metering facility in the system measures the electric supply and in case extra power is produced, the meter spins backward and directs the surplus energy to local utility grid. These way additional dollars can be earned by you.
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