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Find the Best Solar Companies in Connecticut to Save Money on Utility Bills

Take advantage of cost-free expert services for finding top rated Connecticut solar companies online through a totally simple, easy and hassle-free process. Connecticut state government is now offering rewards to homeowners who decide to green with solar. Qualify for rebates and incentives to get custom built solar energy systems installed at your home. Act to save lot of time and money during your overall effort to go solar. We may assist you in finding the right type of Connecticut solar installers and in preparing the necessary paperwork for securing solar rebates and incentives from federal as well as state governments.

Currently, if you are searching affordable Connecticut solar panels for home then you need to know that the state government is providing huge incentives to people for encouraging them to go solar. Besides, residential solar power systems of different shapes and sizes are available in the market for homeowners. You can get a customized solar energy system installed at your house depending on the space on rooftop or ground. We can help you to fix appointment for a free initial consultation with a competent local solar professional who will visit your home for assessing your energy needs and suggest the best system.

Get Assisted To Learn How to Produce Your Own Solar Power in Connecticut

By getting a cost-efficient Connecticut solar power installed in your home, you can get rid of costly electricity bills over a sustained period of time. Experts opine that homeowners can save hundreds of dollars annually if they opt for solar energy. Additionally, surplus power can be sold to local utility company for earning extra money by getting net meter linked to solar panels system as per state rules and regulations.

Thus, a number of benefits can be accrued with installation of a solar energy Connecticut system. Costs of solar panels have been falling year over year because of ever increasing market competition among solar installation firms. And with the federal as well as state governments offering rebates and incentives, the Connecticut residential solar installations cost can be brought down further. Today even zero down financing programs are being offered to homeowners.

Few Factors That May Affect Connecticut Solar Energy System’s Performance
Here’s a list of some factors which can affect overall performance of Connecticut residential solar energy systems in homes. Isolation,Roof Slope and Solar Panel Orientation,Shading & Dust and Dirt

Here’s How Our Stepwise Connecticut Solar Panel Installation Process Works

At SolarEnergyXpert, our Connecticut solar energy companies follow a stepwise process as is mentioned below:

  • Solar energy assessment – Solar consultant will visit your home to assess your exact solar energy needs and thereafter suggest the right type of Connecticut solar panels system for your house. You will also get an estimate pertaining to the total solar panels installation costs.
  • Approval of system design – After home’s solar evaluation by solar power Connecticut expert and homeowner’s approval to go ahead, specialists will design a system in accordance with house’s solar energy requirements and send it to the homeowner for getting approval by doing necessary adjustments.
  • Getting essential permissions – Before beginning with the solar installation work, Connecticut solar contractors will also apply for and get essential permissions as well as licenses form concerned local authorities. The entire process could take some weeks to complete depending on type of paperwork required.
  • Actual installation work begins – Homeowner will receive Connecticut solar power system and the task of installing solar panels will begin. Normally, it gets completed within 4 to 5 working days time but time taken may run into weeks if solar system Connecticut is large.
  • City or County inspections – Once the installation work is over, city or county authorities will do final inspection of the residential solar panels system installed prior to giving a go ahead for connecting it with the local utility grid through a net metering system.
  • Connection with utility grid – Solar panels Connecticut will gather documents and forward it to the local utility company so that it installs a “Net Meter” for measuring total amount of solar energy produced and daily household consumption. Surplus energy will be directed to grid.
  • Activate system to save money - On receiving written permission from local utility company for starting operations, solar installer will activate the system to start production of clean, inexhaustible and renewable solar energy for running household appliances. Star saving money right from day1 and reduce utility bills.
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